Painting the "girls" started with a hope. The hope of overcoming fear of getting things right, managing a task, first seemed unmanagable and at the same time feeling oblieged to do so. The „thing“ was close, it’s about girls – like I’ve been one, my observations and mostly my feelings about it. Since I was a girl I felt helpless being described by others. The attributions (german: Zuschreibungen) made me feel constricted to fit into the description and so into the world of others in a certain way, not knowing how to deal with the rest of me. Painting the girls, I’m looking for a way to dig deeper, to discover and show what’s all there in one human being. Not sweet, girly, bossy or bitchy but sassy, brave, scared and thoughtful. All at once but not at the same time.



Remembered Landscape


What “happens” to a place when observation, presence and perception through my eyes are starting, what happens to me? How do I deal with impressions, memories of nature, landscape and the human being in my paintings? I’m interested in the process of my inner perception, how I can transfer that into my paintings. There is a need to settle, to be somewhere, to find a habitat. How does that work, what are the changes in nature, both the human and the place.


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